July 5, 2019
1 Month and 19 days since
our celebration.

Greetings Family & Friends!

We are excited to invite you to a very special weekend celebration of family and friends for 2019! Recognizing that time has lapsed since we’ve connected beyond a sad occasion; hence, we would like to revive our longstanding tradition of love, fun, family and friends connecting with a purpose.

We are blessed and have so much to thank God for and with that, we want to spend as much quality time as possible to celebrate our blessings and our bond. Since our last gathering, we have discovered new family members through research from ancestral genealogical tools and connected with so many extended family members. What better time to resume our longstanding tradition of celebrating in love!

On July 5th, 6th & 7th of 2019, we will convene in the city of Valdosta, Georgia for a weekend of great excitement and create memories we will always cherish. This year, we will extend our participant invitations to include other family members and friends connected to the Head Family. We pray that each family member is as excited as we are in participating in this event. Please review website for overview of itinerary and hotel accommodations. Any of the planning members can assist with any questions related to event.  Please refer to "Planning Team" link for contact information for each team member.

Respectfully submitted,

Head Family & Friends Planning Team

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